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AI-Powered Security Management

AI-driven SaaS platform, tailored for security agencies seeking advanced management solutions.

Streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and optimize workforce efficiency with our specialized AI tools. Experience precision and reliability in security management, designed specifically for the unique needs of security professionals.

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AI-Enhanced Incident Classification
& Instant Alerts

Boost your response times with AI-powered incident classification. Instantly identify critical events and dispatch alerts, ensuring swift and accurate reactions to any security situation.

Comprehensive Monitoring
of Security Operations

Maximize operational control with our all-encompassing security monitoring. Track guard attendance, patrols, and vigilance in real-time, ensuring seamless security management. SenSec.app integrates critical functions into one dashboard, facilitating swift shift planning and incident management for guaranteed service excellence.

Enhanced Report Quality with AI Assistance

Elevate your security reporting to professional standards, regardless of guard experience. Our AI system meticulously reviews, corrects, and refines reports, ensuring top-notch quality and professionalism in every dispatch. Empower your agency to leverage cost-effective staffing without compromising on service excellence.

Redefining Security Management

AI-Driven Solutions for Today's Challenges

In a world where security demands precision and adaptability, SenSec.app stands out as a beacon of innovation. Our cloud-based platform harnesses artificial intelligence to empower security agencies, simplifying complex tasks and ensuring operational excellence.

With SenSec.app, advanced monitoring, incident alerting, and report optimization are at your fingertips, enabling a smarter, safer future.

Diverse Features for Comprehensive Management

Empower Your Security Operations

Smart Scheduling & Guard Management

Optimize your workforce with intelligent scheduling. Manage guard assignments with ease, ensuring the right personnel are in the right place at the right time.

Real-Time GPS Tracking & Geofencing

Track guard movements with precision. Set geofencing boundaries to enhance operational security and ensure compliance with patrol routes.

Visitor Management System

Streamline visitor access and maintain logs with our integrated visitor management system, enhancing security and visitor experience.

Customizable Alerts & Notifications

Create and receive alerts tailored to your specific needs. Stay informed of critical events in real-time, enabling swift action.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Leverage detailed reports and analytics for informed decision-making. Customize reports to match your operational needs and gain insights into performance metrics.

Everything You Need, All in One Place

Feature Highlights

SenSec.app is designed to bring unparalleled efficiency and control to your security operations. Below, explore the breadth of capabilities that our platform offers, each feature crafted to meet the dynamic needs of modern security agencies. From real-time monitoring to advanced AI insights, discover how we’re setting new standards in security management.

AI-Enhanced Incident Detection

Automatically classify security incidents with AI, ensuring rapid response to threats.

Real-Time Guard Tracking

Monitor guard locations in real-time with GPS tracking for enhanced patrol oversight.

Instant Alert System

Receive immediate alerts for incidents, ensuring no critical event goes unnoticed.

AI-Powered Task Management

Replace costly operational centers and management with AI-driven task reminders. WhatsApp notifications keep guards on track, automating oversight and ensuring task completion.

Automated Email Processing

Our AI scans guards' emails for tasks from approved senders, ensuring swift, accurate task entry and client communication. It autonomously requests clarification when needed, bridging communication gaps efficiently.

Visitor Management Integration

Simplify visitor access and tracking with a seamless visitor management system.

Customizable Reporting Tools

Generate and customize reports for insightful analytics and decision-making support.

Mobile Patrol Verification

Guards can verify patrols instantly using NFC or QR code scanning via mobile devices.

Automated Workforce Optimization

AI-driven suggestions for improving workforce efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Emergency Response Features

Equip guards with panic buttons and dead man’s switch features for enhanced safety.

Communication Channels

Facilitate real-time communication between guards and management with integrated messaging.

Compliance and Audit Trails

Maintain compliance with detailed audit trails for all security activities and incidents.

Pricing Plans

Choose the Plan That's Right for You

Get control and visibility over spending. Try any plan free for 30 days with no lock-in commitments.

Perfect for small agencies or newcomers needing basic security management and surveillance capabilities. Offering unlimited guard entries and patrols without AI features.

$8 /month
Each Guarded Site
  • Without AI but fully functional
  • Basic Security Tools
Designed for agencies requiring advanced management features for efficient multi-site operations. Includes unlimited patrols, guard entries, enhanced AI-assisted tagging and notifications on a pay-as-you-go basis for each added site.

$39 /month
Each Guarded Site
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • AI Alerts & Reports
The most comprehensive solution for large-scale and demanding security operations. Offers unlimited customization with full AI support, including automatic email processing, guard performance evaluation, and professional report beautification, tailored for agencies seeking top efficiency and innovation.
$98 /month
Each Guarded Site
  • Full AI Integration
  • AI-Enhanced Reports
No Credit Card Required

Explore SenSec.app with a 14-Day Free Trial

Experience the full suite of features across any plan and elevate your security operations without any upfront payment.

Real Stories, Real Success

Trusted by Professionals

Discover how SenSec.app is transforming the security landscape through the eyes of those who rely on it every day. From guards to security managers and clients, here’s what they have to say about their experience with our platform.

Game Changer!

« SenSec.app has revolutionized how we manage security details. The real-time alerts and AI-driven task management have streamlined our operations beyond expectations. »
Maria, USA
Security Operations Manager
Maria, USA

Unmatched Efficiency

« The comprehensive monitoring feature of SenSec.app provides an unprecedented level of control and insight into our daily operations, making it indispensable. »
Ahmed, UAE
Head of Security
Ahmed, UAE

Reliability Redefined

« Since adopting SenSec.app, the accuracy of our incident reports has improved dramatically. Our clients have never felt safer. »
Sophie, UK
Client Relations Manager
Sophie, UK

Outstanding Support

« Not only is the app intuitive, but the support team behind SenSec.app is always responsive and helpful, making any challenges manageable. »
Carlos, Spain
IT Security Specialist
Carlos, Spain

Cost-Effective Solution

« With SenSec.app, we've reduced the need for extensive manual oversight, cutting costs significantly while improving our service quality. »
Li, China
Financial Officer
Li, China

Seamless Integration

« Integrating SenSec.app into our existing systems was a breeze. It's been pivotal in enhancing our security measures and operational efficiency. »
Julien, France
Technology Director
Julien, France